Timber Furniture in Melbourne varies in grain, colour and in density too. Australian hardwoods differ in so many various ways. From the totally dense Redgum with its well defined red colour and lovely grain patterns to Victorian Ash, featuring its more linear grain and the option to have it stained to any colour, we are many times spoilt for choice.

In order to choose the right Timber Furniture in Melbourne, there are a few factors that you must surely consider. Have a look around your house, and think about what would best suit your home and also your lifestyle. One of the first things that we think of first will be the colour of the floor. Timbers with a light colour or shading are generally best suited to a darker coloured floor and timbers darker in colour can even look great on a lighter coloured floor. This can create a nice contrast between the two and make your furniture a distinct centrepiece. This is where timbers that can be stained with different colours and are generally the best choice.

Timber Furniture in Melbourne such as Blackwood ranges from really dark grain to blonde. It is such a beautiful timber but remembers that this kind of timber is not that thick and this may be an issue if you plan to utilise it every day or if you have small kids as the timber may dint and scratch easily. When making a choice, consider the look but even the functionality.

Another factor to take into consideration has to be grain patterns. Timbers like Messmate and Marri have a huge amount of character such as gum veins, and this can even show a more Rustic look. These sorts of wood can be used to make Timber Furniture in Melbourne and are best used to complement a more traditional style. With so many various styles available, you can change the overall look of the furniture by making a modern look with small overhangs and also flush drawer fronts.

Ask Australians and you will know all about Redgum. With its vibrant red colour and stunning grain patterns such as fiddle back, it is a chosen one. This timber is also really hard so it is very appropriate for all homes as it can take almost any type of thing we throw at it. Just remember to think smartly where you would like it to go in your home as once it is placed into position, you will have a hard time picking up Timber Furniture in Melbourne that is made from it and move it because of its weight.

Jarrah is even a desired choice with its dark rich red colour and uniform grain. It is also a really dense timber so easily dinting and scratching will not be a problem. Although most people like Jarrah, it is not always a good choice because it needs the right surroundings even if you make Solid Timber Furniture in Melbourne using it. You should enhance its natural magnificence and in the right surroundings, this will look extraordinary.

One of the most common timbers used in furniture nowadays is Victorian Ash. It has a neat even grain and is naturally a really light-coloured timber. As it is such a light timber, it can be stained or coloured to almost any colour you desire. Quite often people will pick this timber because they have the ability to match any existing furniture they now have in their house. This will even apply if they have various timbers. By supplying a colour sample of Timber Furniture in Melbourne such as a drawer, professional strainers can very easily match the colour.

For some, making the correct choice can be a very long and overwhelming process. There are hundreds of different timbers now used in furniture today so it helps to do your research and ask as many questions to the right people to make sure you have made a suitable choice.

Custom-built furniture in Melbourne varies in grain, colour and density depending on the kind of wood you use. Australian hardwoods vary in so many various ways. From the extremely dense Redgum with its distinct red colour and beautiful grain patterns to Victorian Ash, showing its more linear grain and the choice to have it stained to any colour, we are sometimes spoilt for choice.

Australian Red Cedar can be used to make Timber Furniture in Melbourne which is greatly valued among carpenters; the early Australian settlers named it Red Gold. Two hundred years ago it was made use of for making a lot of furniture, wood panelling and construction, and shipbuilding.

Today, Red Cedar is considered as the most preferred Australian Timber for furniture, for making cabinets and interior decoration that has a rough, open and generally straight grain. The occasional presence of a beautiful wavy interlocked grain is a great choice for making Timber Furniture in Melbourne and it also gives a beautiful fiddle-back figure.

Australian Red Cedar is found in rainforests along the east coast of the country. The chief areas are between Ulladulla, New South Wales, Queensland and in the north in Mackay and the Atherton Tableland. So if you live in these parts you will surely have access to this type of wood for making furniture. The appearance of this kind of wood ranges from pink to intense red-brown which makes it look so lovely that you will surely want to get Timber Furniture in Melbourne made from it. What makes this wood distinct from others is its particularly spicy aroma. Australian Red Cedar can be easily stained, polished and also painted, so you will really love it as a coffee table if you want. Certain textural holes can be inserted with resin to make a smooth finish.

Black bean trees are really short in the wood family. This type of wood can be found on the eastern coast of Queensland and also New South Wales. Those of you who live in these areas can easily purchase this wood for making furniture. Black bean is somewhat hard and resembles walnut. It has a very fine grain texture that polishes nicely that makes it an appropriate choice for Timber Furniture in Melbourne. Its colour varies from dark brown, shades of chocolate or even deep black. This many times has a streak of a lighter coloured band.

Mahogany has got a bendy, thick and also a coarse grain, and generally does not have any voids or pockets. It has got a reddish-brown colour which with time darkens and displays a gorgeous reddish sheen when it is polished. It has fantastic workability is durable and rots slowly so you can be sure that it will be the best choice for making Timber Furniture Melbourne. These features make it a suitable kind of wood for making furniture, upholstery.

Raintree was brought into Australia because of the nice shade it made on dry, rural areas. You will notice its outer creamy white sapwood and also it’s reddish-brown heartwood. The raw timber can be utilized for made to order furniture in Melbourne. It has a moderately rough texture and a splendid ribbon-effect grain. This is due to its interlocked grain. Unlike most woods, never crack in dry climates. Raintree is somewhat heavy and resists decay and termites.