Top Tree Furniture is an efficient designer and installer of Lounge Furniture in Melbourne. All the furniture thus designed is aimed to adhere to the stringent environmental and workplace guidelines available in Australia. It is the fundamental principle of the company to stay committed to environmental protection.

The frames thus constructed in making Lounge Furniture in Melbourne belong to kiln-dried hardwoods obtained from sustainable timber plantations. The cushions in stock are a combination of small duck feather and silicone coated fibre. These fibres have been previously washed and followed by sterilization in recycled water.

Top Tree Furniture uses all-natural fabrics and current-day foam technology in designing and installing Lounge Furniture in Melbourne. There is no compromise with quality. The foams that are used have features like fire retardation, premium quality, free from CFC and treated with an anti-bacterial compound that has control over allergic and asthmatic conditions.

The basic thing that is understood while designing and installing Lounge Furniture in Melbourne is the requirement to produce the best fit furniture that caters to the purpose of all the clients visiting online and in-store of the company. Thus, the company always strives to look for designing furniture and manufacturing that fit any decor be it old and traditional or modern and current-day home. Besides, there needs to be a consideration for price-effectiveness too. The team associated with the company feel happy to assist in creating the perfect custom-designed Lounge Furniture in Melbourne. Most of the Lounge designs are tailored according to the brief of the customer. The company welcomes innovative designs too from any customer. The customer with any design in mind will be required to sit with a specialist of the expert team who will make proper recommendations and alterations to such designs to make it an appropriate fit.

What is the Lounge Chair?

Lounge Furniture in Melbourne famously comprises a lounge chair. It is a comfortable armchair or armless recliner which is usually upholstered and made for relaxing and comfort. Interestingly enough, few people consider the ‘chaise lounge’ a member of the lounge chair family.

Over time, the lounge chair metamorphosed from exposure to many cultures for specific and artistic requirements. Bruno Mathsson of Sweden introduced the Pernilla lounge chair, made from the beach, in the year 1934. Commissioned in the year 1956 by the Herman Miller furniture company, designers Ray Eames and Charles brought comfort to high-end furniture, a new thought at the time. The Eames Lounge & Ottoman incorporated moulded plywood and leather. Contemporary construction trends toward foam rubber and outdoor applications.

An armchair is a comfortable, usually upholstered, chair with arms. A wing chair is a tall-backed, tremendously upholstered armchair with wings. It guards the sitter’s back from drafts. Wing chairs are also known as grandfather or saddle cheek chairs. Native to the 17th Century, the wings were originally known as ‘cheeks’ and continued to be famous amongst furniture designers and revivalists throughout history.

A Club Chair is a deep-seated, low-backed upholstered armchair produced during the 18th Century. The popularity of wing chairs undoubtedly led to the future creation of low-backed club chairs. Their name hails from the English gentlemen’s clubs of the 19th Century. Since then, the upholstered armchairs have been associated with comfort.

In fitting a Console Table in Melbourne, Top Tree Furniture makes an effective consideration of the aesthetic value of a house. These products are available in minimalist geometric forms or embellished styles. Console tables are used to welcome guests with a pretty bouquet or statuette in the entrance hall or these products can provide an architectural focus in the living room below a decorative mirror. These products are available to match all decors. They are normally made with materials like plastic and marble. A console table in the modern style can also be used to divide a large space and define an area.

A console table can be turned into a bedroom vanity by hanging a mirror above it and tucking a stool or stylish chair underneath. There will be a source of light like a delicate table lamp to give a beauteous finish. The tabletop will contain make-up and jewellery boxes since most consoles are not equipped with drawers.