Top Tree Furniture offers you a comprehensive collection of Dining Furniture in Melbourne, available at pocket-friendly prices. We have a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from so that you can buy with contentment – your dining furniture in Melbourne. Whether you are looking for an extendable table, a timber dining table, stools, wine racks and more, Top Tree Furniture is the right place.

They say that the kitchen and dining areas are the best rooms in a house. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the space we create for you should be loved by you. Undoubtedly, furnishing is the easiest, most practical way to do this.

Top Tree Furniture offers you three exclusive products related to Dining Furniture in Melbourne:

Dining setting:-

• Akita Dining Set – It is Hand-Crafted by extremely talented and skilled craftsmen. We customize your dining furniture according to your wishes. It is available in a wide spectrum of hues.

• Arles Round Table Set – The dining chairs have idiosyncratic double cross backs and extremely comfortable fabric seat pads.

• Blackwood Dining Set – Blackwood dining set is made from stunning Tasmanian Blackwood, amongst Australia’s most prized timbers used for fine furniture making.

• Octagonal Dining Set – It seats eight people at a time. The table looks like an octopus holding all eight chairs with its limbs. It is made of high-quality timber.

• Recycled Timber Table Set – It is made from reclaimed Mountain Ash Solid Timber. It is 10-seater with Italian leather seats.

• Ronda Dining Set – It is made from Victoria ash. Victoria ash is the wood of the Eucalyptus trees sourced from the Australian state of Victoria.

• Saki Dining Set – Beautifully hand-crafted, made from Victoria Ash or Jarrah. The major uses for Jarrah tree are for making furniture, panelling, and flooring. Albeit in the past the timber was used extensively for construction.

Extension tables: These are finely chiselled and made by Top Tree Furniture. They are an essential part of Dining Furniture in Melbourne.

• Chester Extension Table Set – With a weathered aesthetic, Chester extension table is a rustic, comfortable spot for daily dinners and large family gatherings.

Wine racks, Stools also fall under the category of Dining Furniture Melbourne:-

• Arles Stool – Comes in different sizes. Ones with ornamental legs are exclusive. They are finely finished in unusual colours.

• Chester Stool – An occasional stool that adds a truly stylish and unique touch to your dining space. You may also place one in your living room and bedroom to complete your desired look. Chester stools are comfortable and add a touch of character to your open space when paired with your dining decor.

• Chita Wine Buffet – If you are looking for something extremely unique as a part of your Dining Furniture in Melbourne, Chita Wine Buffet is the thing! They are exclusively handcrafted by Top Tree Furniture.

• Saki Wine Rack – Made from the wood of pine trees. Used for keeping wine bottles and serving in a classical manner to your guests.

• Sanya Wine Buffet – Made from hardwood. It has slabs and wooden holders to place wine bottles horizontally.

Buying dining furniture is an extremely personal decision. You often need to see something in front of you with your naked eye to decide whether or not you will be happy having it to occupy your living space for the years to come. But this does not mean that online shopping does not have its place. It just means that you need to utilize each method of shopping for its own advantages. Top Tree Furniture gives you the option to buy Dining Furniture in Melbourne both physically and online.

So next time when you want to purchase dining furniture in Melbourne, you exactly know where to head – Top Tree Furniture!

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