8 Steps You Should Keep in Mind Before You Buy Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne, especially in its terminology. Contemporary myths surround the terms recycled, reclaimed, upcycled, reused and also refurbished.

Elucidated below are 8 simple steps that you should know before buying recycled timber:


• Recycled Timber: are those that were disintegrated by machine-processing to make a new product. It is also used loosely to define Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne that is restored and reused, basically reclaimed timber.

• Reclaimed Timber: is not smashed by machine processing and made into a totally new product, but it is taken from its original place and repurposed for a new site. There are small changes made to the wood, besides its length adjustments, sanding and refinishing.

• Upcycled Timber: These are pieces of timber that are old or have been rejected and processed into something else to give it a better purpose. Upcycled timber furniture has the same or better quality than the original Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne.

• Reused Timber: are chunks of timber that have been repurposed and not treated at all.

• Re-milled or Refurbished Timber is pieces of wood that have been repurposed and given a completely new treatment or finish.

• Salvaged Timber: are pieces of wood that are taken from old projects and reused it for various purposes to prevent the wastage of timber.


These are the pros and cons of using both kinds of wood in Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne

• Hardwoods: have a slower natural growth rate, making them thicker and more fire-resistant than most kinds of softwoods. As such, hardwoods tend to be expensive. Hardwoods are sometimes challenging to work with but last for a great deal of time. Solid wood furniture in Melbourne can be made using Hardwoods. They are generally used in good quality furniture, desks, flooring and some construction that must last. You can consider utilising hardwoods in structural pieces like apex beams where structural integrity is a great requirement.

• Softwoods: they can be used in Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne. They have a faster natural growth rate, making them less dense and less fire-resistant in comparison to Hardwoods. As such, softwoods are less costly and make up the bulk of all wood used in construction. Softwoods are more straightforward to use as timber furniture in Melbourne and commonly utilised in windows, doors, furniture, paper, and mid-thick fibreboard. You can use softwoods in timber scaffolding like non-load-bearing walls and even roof rafters.


• Heartwood: It can be used in Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne which is commonly darker in complexion and denser. If your timber comes from this part of the tree, you might see some increased price variations between pieces of the same species. Heartwood is that part of the tree that is dead which implies that it is matured and provides the hardest wood for recycled timber outdoor furniture in Melbourne.

• Sapwood: commonly lighter in complexion and not very thick. If your wood comes from this part of the tree, you might see some drop in the cost compared to heartwood pieces. Sapwood is the portion of the tree that is living, as layers from the outside slowly become the inner layers which die and then become heartwood. This can then be used in Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne.


So when a piece of timber is marked as:

• Clear Cut: the parts have the least number of knots and are suitable for projects where knots and cracks are not wanted.

• Centre Cut: these pieces usually have more knots and cracks, making them appropriate for projects where a simple look is required.


There are two main kinds of grading systems that are utilised to make sure of quality control in the industry:

Structural Grading: there are two varied kinds of test used to ascertain a structural timber’s toughness and longevity. This test can be used to determine the quality of wood. It can be used in Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne.

• Visual Stress Grade (S-Grades): is ascertained by a learned grader who considers species, size, and position of knots amongst other factors. These grades are categorised into seasoned and unseasoned timbers — the lower the number (e.g. S1), the better the quality of the wood.

• Mechanical Stress Grade (F-Grade): more widely used, especially in Australia, the strength and stiffness of the timber is determined by a bending test performed by a machine. The higher the number (e.g. F27), the higher the quality of the timber

Aesthetic Grading: is utilised for wood to decide the worth of the appearance of a surface. There are three aesthetic classifications:

• Select: has the least number of knots, straight-grained and consistent in appearance and can be used in Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne. The wood used in flooring is common for this grade.

• Standard: has a different appearance from piece to piece that has a remarkable appearance. Most wood utilised for wood projects like shelving or bookcases is generally of this grade.

• Character: has a rustic look and is indicated by knots, burls, cracks and also sap streaks. Usually used in the furniture like a table slab where a natural unsophisticated look is needed.


The external drying condition is depending on temperature, relative humidity, and air circulation rate. It is important to recognise these conditions because the drying rate is affected by it, also affects the Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne. Here are short discussions on these three external conditions.

Temperature: if the air circulation and relative humidity kept constant, the drying rate would increase as the temperature increase. Temperature influences it by increasing the holding capacity of moisture in the air.

Relative humidity: the pressure of water vapour defined the term relative humidity. The pressure of water vapour is divided into two categories, the saturated vapour pressure, and the total pressure. When relative humidity reduces, the moisture gradient increased in the Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne, causing higher drying rates.

Air circulation: the air velocity and its circulation rate is one of the primary reasons for drying rate and drying time. The rapid circulation of the air over the wood surface removes the moisture evaporating from wood when temperature and relative humidity is constant.

Higher drying rates are not suitable for wood, because as the drying rate going high the stress is also going great, causes crack or distort of the timber. So, need to eliminate the drying rate by some innovative drying techniques for timber. Here are some points regarding drying:

• Greenwood: is timber that has been freshly cut and has not had the chance to season (dry). The advantage of making use of Greenwood in a Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne is that it is effortless to work with and splits less when it is nailed or turned. The negative point is that Greenwood is susceptible to cracking and warps once fully dried.

• Air-Dried: is wood that has been stacked and placed on understructures and bared to the air in a clean, cool, dry and shady area. Air-dried wood takes months even years to dry which is the reason why they are generally more costly. The advantage of utilising air-dried timber is the increase in moisture stability implying they tend to bow, twist and crack less.

• Kiln-Dried: is timber that has been dried artificially, utilising a heat generator. Kiln-dried timber dries quicker, so sawmills can turn-over timber at a quicker rate. It can be used in Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne and results at a lesser cost. Because of the nature of this quick-drying procedure, most insects and eggs staying inside the wood are annihilated, but the wood is inclined to bow, twist and crack more.


• Live/Natural – Edge: are commonly seen in stabs where the sides are left untouched to give a natural design. On the surface, some leave holes and cracks which can be inserted with resin.

• Rough/Nominal Sawn: is wood that has come from the circular saw meaning the dimensions are just coarse. The surfaces and edges aren’t smooth, and the blade marks are noticeable.

• Planned/Dressed: is wood that has been passed through a thicknesser according to the needed dimensions which can be used in Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne. It is a procedure, which guarantees that the edges are perfect and square and have a smooth surface to touch.

• Surfaced: is timber that has been sanded down to a polished feel where the wood has been hand-sanded and is prepared for a finish like oil or varnish.


• Evaporative: utilises alcohol, acetone or wax that create layers that will rebind on each continuous layer. Evaporative products need multiple coats to get the sealed or protective feature.

• Reactive: utilise white spirits or oils as a base which needs some scuff-sanding between layers which is good to use on Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne. These products go deep into the wood to get the desired coloured or sealed impression.

• Coalescing: uses water as a base and commonly needs one or two coats. It can be cleaned with water simply. These products go deep inside the wood to give the coloured or sealed impression.

Beware of false advertising and claims that a product is a lot more sustainable or structurally perfect always pick products based on the points above and make sure you decide what you want before going to purchase Recycled Timber Furniture in Melbourne.

Why should you invest in a handcrafted Timber Table in Melbourne?

If you are looking to make the best furniture investment of your life, or you’re moving to a new location or looking to upgrade your current home, it’s time you think about investigating custom made Timber Table in Melbourne. Such wood furniture is not only timeless and beautiful, but handmade wooden furniture is definitely a step above the last. It is often crafted to order and designed with your home in mind. Read on to learn more about why you should make this investment today!

There’s Really Nothing Else Like a custom made Timber Table in Melbourne

The beauty of handcrafted is the fact that you can’t just go out to any old store and find a copy. The handmade wooden furniture that you order will be authentic and original. Nobody else in the world will have that exact same dining hall table as you have, or a living room chair that resembles yours. It’s better to express your own personality & flair for style, particularly when it comes to outfitting your home. Investing in custom furniture that you simply can’t find anywhere else is very pleasing.

Choose Qualitative Timber Table in Melbourne

This is at the top of the list when it comes to reasons why you should invest in handmade timber table for your next home purchase. When you invest in anything handmade, you are investing in a high-quality product that is crafted with expertise and passion apart from professionalism. You can choose materials that are properly selected and handled. When it comes to custom wood furniture, you’ll be choosing the highest quality furniture available in the market. All the elements of your table will be touched and inspected by a talented builder’s hands, rather than a machine. Your furniture is a critical part of your lifestyle.

Purchase Timber Table in Melbourne from a Company that Has Values You Share

When something is handmade, a lot of energy and time is involved in making it. Handmade wood furniture means that each individual piece is prioritized for the customer. Nothing is overlooked, and only the highest quality products are sold. Investing in custom furniture means investing in values that you want to share and express. This means that businesses producing custom made wood furniture value craft and take real joy in creating things that matter to customers. For example, we create pieces that are literally for the heart and soul of your home. Our values involve being stewards of the earth and prioritizing the family.

Experience Customized Customer Service with handcrafted Timber Table in Melbourne

We have all experienced poor customer service or to make a purchase from a store that doesn’t seem to care about the dedicated customer. When it comes to choosing handmade wood furniture, you’ll be choosing customer service that really is on the top of the line. Custom-made products will come from stores that were designed with a dedicated customer in mind. Investing in custom-made furniture will mean investing in service that will make sure you are happy with the final result. You’ll speak with humans on the phone instead of computers and experience professional and clear communication throughout the crafting process.

Save Money on the purchase of Timber Table in Melbourne

On average, homeowners spend a significant amount of their income on furniture and other furnishings per year. Furniture is an essential aspect of quality of daily living. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so bed frames and mattresses are worth an investment. We also build a lot of social and daily activities around eating surfaces; making kitchen tables and chairs good items to invest in. Not to mention nicely outfitted kitchens and bathrooms! When it comes to these significant aspects of daily life, it’s important to choose pieces that will last you a long time and will give you a high return on your investment. Purchasing inferior quality goods, in general, maybe more expensive & luxurious in the long run than purchasing pricier, higher quality goods. This is because you’ll end up having to replace cheaper quality pieces more frequently as they wear out or break.

Customize the Timber Table in Melbourne the Way You Want Them

This is probably the best incentive for investing in custom-made wood furniture. The great thing about custom-made furniture is the fact that you get to be in charge of the customization process. Your imagination is the only limit to what you’d like to receive as an end result. In many cases, besides what you initially requested, you’ll be able to customize your pieces further based on your needs. For example, you can add burnishing and distressing to handmade wood pieces. You’ll be able to add more storage to pieces and customize table top thickness.

Be a part of the design process of Timber Table in Melbourne

The great think about handcrafted wooden furniture is the fact that you can take part in the design of your dream furniture pieces. A business that produces handmade wooden furniture will prioritize your vision for the handcrafted pieces you’d like. You’ll be able to choose the basic design of each piece you’re ordering, check out stain samples and approve of any suggestions made by the design team. Having your voice heard during the design process is one of the most important reasons to invest in handmade wood furniture. You will be an active part of the design, which makes the final result ultimately more valuable.

Introduce a new theme Timber Table in Melbourne

The beautiful thing about timber is that it really does go with everything. You can pair wooden furniture with bright colours, metallic themes, rich patterns and luxurious accents. If you’re moving to a new place, you can easily start a new theme in each individual room by bringing in handmade wooden furniture. Depending on the style of the pieces, you can up your decorating game by introducing something that is, elegant, timeless, and classy. Even if you aren’t moving into a new home or looking for a new style to introduce in your apartment, wood pieces can transform the look and feel of your entire pad.

It can be easy to overlook the amazing variety at your disposal when it comes to choosing pieces of Timber Table in Melbourne. Handmade wooden furniture offers an endless selection of pieces and styles. Instead of getting overwhelmed by its versatility and variety, you’ll be assisted by a knowledgeable staff member in choosing pieces that are unique, refreshing, and new. Don’t settle for the limited selection of manufactured furniture at your local furniture or hardware store.

How to Choose the Right Timber Furniture in Melbourne?

Timber Furniture in Melbourne varies in grain, colour and in density too. Australian hardwoods differ in so many various ways. From the totally dense Redgum with its well defined red colour and lovely grain patterns to Victorian Ash, featuring its more linear grain and the option to have it stained to any colour, we are many times spoilt for choice.

In order to choose the right Timber Furniture in Melbourne, there are a few factors that you must surely consider. Have a look around your house, and think about what would best suit your home and also your lifestyle. One of the first things that we think of first will be the colour of the floor. Timbers with a light colour or shading are generally best suited to a darker coloured floor and timbers darker in colour can even look great on a lighter coloured floor. This can create a nice contrast between the two and make your furniture a distinct centrepiece. This is where timbers that can be stained with different colours and are generally the best choice.

Timber Furniture in Melbourne such as Blackwood ranges from really dark grain to blonde. It is such a beautiful timber but remembers that this kind of timber is not that thick and this may be an issue if you plan to utilise it every day or if you have small kids as the timber may dint and scratch easily. When making a choice, consider the look but even the functionality.

Another factor to take into consideration has to be grain patterns. Timbers like Messmate and Marri have a huge amount of character such as gum veins, and this can even show a more Rustic look. These sorts of wood can be used to make Timber Furniture in Melbourne and are best used to complement a more traditional style. With so many various styles available, you can change the overall look of the furniture by making a modern look with small overhangs and also flush drawer fronts.

Ask Australians and you will know all about Redgum. With its vibrant red colour and stunning grain patterns such as fiddle back, it is a chosen one. This timber is also really hard so it is very appropriate for all homes as it can take almost any type of thing we throw at it. Just remember to think smartly where you would like it to go in your home as once it is placed into position, you will have a hard time picking up Timber Furniture in Melbourne that is made from it and move it because of its weight.

Jarrah is even a desired choice with its dark rich red colour and uniform grain. It is also a really dense timber so easily dinting and scratching will not be a problem. Although most people like Jarrah, it is not always a good choice because it needs the right surroundings even if you make Solid Timber Furniture in Melbourne using it. You should enhance its natural magnificence and in the right surroundings, this will look extraordinary.

One of the most common timbers used in furniture nowadays is Victorian Ash. It has a neat even grain and is naturally a really light-coloured timber. As it is such a light timber, it can be stained or coloured to almost any colour you desire. Quite often people will pick this timber because they have the ability to match any existing furniture they now have in their house. This will even apply if they have various timbers. By supplying a colour sample of Timber Furniture in Melbourne such as a drawer, professional strainers can very easily match the colour.

For some, making the correct choice can be a very long and overwhelming process. There are hundreds of different timbers now used in furniture today so it helps to do your research and ask as many questions to the right people to make sure you have made a suitable choice.

Custom-built furniture in Melbourne varies in grain, colour and density depending on the kind of wood you use. Australian hardwoods vary in so many various ways. From the extremely dense Redgum with its distinct red colour and beautiful grain patterns to Victorian Ash, showing its more linear grain and the choice to have it stained to any colour, we are sometimes spoilt for choice.

Australian Red Cedar can be used to make Timber Furniture in Melbourne which is greatly valued among carpenters; the early Australian settlers named it Red Gold. Two hundred years ago it was made use of for making a lot of furniture, wood panelling and construction, and shipbuilding.

Today, Red Cedar is considered as the most preferred Australian Timber for furniture, for making cabinets and interior decoration that has a rough, open and generally straight grain. The occasional presence of a beautiful wavy interlocked grain is a great choice for making Timber Furniture in Melbourne and it also gives a beautiful fiddle-back figure.

Australian Red Cedar is found in rainforests along the east coast of the country. The chief areas are between Ulladulla, New South Wales, Queensland and in the north in Mackay and the Atherton Tableland. So if you live in these parts you will surely have access to this type of wood for making furniture. The appearance of this kind of wood ranges from pink to intense red-brown which makes it look so lovely that you will surely want to get Timber Furniture in Melbourne made from it. What makes this wood distinct from others is its particularly spicy aroma. Australian Red Cedar can be easily stained, polished and also painted, so you will really love it as a coffee table if you want. Certain textural holes can be inserted with resin to make a smooth finish.

Black bean trees are really short in the wood family. This type of wood can be found on the eastern coast of Queensland and also New South Wales. Those of you who live in these areas can easily purchase this wood for making furniture. Black bean is somewhat hard and resembles walnut. It has a very fine grain texture that polishes nicely that makes it an appropriate choice for Timber Furniture in Melbourne. Its colour varies from dark brown, shades of chocolate or even deep black. This many times has a streak of a lighter coloured band.

Mahogany has got a bendy, thick and also a coarse grain, and generally does not have any voids or pockets. It has got a reddish-brown colour which with time darkens and displays a gorgeous reddish sheen when it is polished. It has fantastic workability is durable and rots slowly so you can be sure that it will be the best choice for making Timber Furniture Melbourne. These features make it a suitable kind of wood for making furniture, upholstery.

Raintree was brought into Australia because of the nice shade it made on dry, rural areas. You will notice its outer creamy white sapwood and also it’s reddish-brown heartwood. The raw timber can be utilized for made to order furniture in Melbourne. It has a moderately rough texture and a splendid ribbon-effect grain. This is due to its interlocked grain. Unlike most woods, never crack in dry climates. Raintree is somewhat heavy and resists decay and termites.

Best and various Office Furniture in Melbourne is available in Top Tree Furniture.

Top Tree Furniture deals in Office Furniture in Melbourne. Office furniture covers all the aspects that are intended to be used in an office. Choosing the best contemporary office furniture involves thinking about how the furniture will work in the office and how employees will interact with the furniture, rather how the set-up will appear to possible clients to visit the office. Dark, light and every wood finish color in between is available on hardwood or less expensive wood office furniture. Most wood office furniture falls into the category of either modern or traditional style.

It is important to know the procedure to buy Modern Office Furniture in Melbourne. While choosing modern office furniture, it’s important to look for value rather than style. For instance, white upholstery can look astute and contemporary. But, it may not be practical to keep clean for either the waiting room sofa or office chairs. The most practical option for choosing Modern Office Furniture in Melbourne is the cost. The chosen furnishing elements must fit the budget and be efficient and attractive. It is to be put in mind that good quality hardwoods for desks and shelving will always fit a bill. Quality hardwoods such as oak and cherry will stand against wear better than softwoods such as pine which can become easily dented and scratched. When an adjustment is to be made about the budget, the laminated product will be the first option. These are synthetic coated particle board or wood products. They are most conveniently used for kitchen cabinets.

Laminated products used as Office Furniture in Melbourne tends to be strong and generally inexpensive as well as easy to wipe clean. Black or white office furniture has the advantage of fitting well into straight-lined spaces.

Metal is an excellent alternative for Office Furniture in Melbourne to wood or laminate furniture. Depending on the desired look, bold colour like bright red or blue may be chosen for closed metal shelves, office chairs, and work tables. Alternatively, a silver-coloured theme of metal could be used throughout the office with one other accent colour which is placed strategically on carpeting. Modern office furniture does not require a stuffy or traditional look rather these should be innovative and fresh in style.

Top Tree Furniture is highly proficient in designing Lounge Furniture in Melbourne. The furniture designed by us is distinctive, unique and exclusive. We have a wide range to choose from and we don’t compromise on quality and style. The company also boasts of the versatility of the products in stock. The passion for design is balanced with the desire to create sophisticated, effortless pieces that offer relaxed luxury design for a living. And we endeavour that the pieces of interior design furniture from Lounge is hand-crafted from the highest quality materials and components. Such attention to detail shows the individuality and superior quality of every piece that is designed and installed.

Office Furniture in Melbourne provides the following advantages to the office:

• Increase efficiency – Increases the overall efficiency.

• Image of Office – Increases attractiveness thereby the image of the office.

• Working environment – Creates a good working environment and relieves work pressure and monotony.

• Easy in supervision – Helps in supervision and restricts the movement of the staff.

• Positive effect – Improves the health condition of the staff working in the organization.

As far as possible, Office Furniture in Melbourne office should be of uniform quality and design. This rule should be followed for all departments of the office. This may be termed as standardization of office furniture. Every office needs different types of furniture. Usually, they are desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, and other accessories as common furniture for the contemporary office. Besides that furniture, accessories such as trays, waste paper basket, pen stands, dustbin, are also the important accessories needed in the modern offices.

A number of funds available for the above purpose would obviously affect the choice; however, at the same time, it would be necessary to keep in mind to have the most suitable kind of furniture. Thus, your manager must consider both the cost and requirement before selecting the Office Furniture in Melbourne in your office.

Best quality Lounge Furniture in Melbourne by Top Tree Furniture

Top Tree Furniture is an efficient designer and installer of Lounge Furniture in Melbourne. All the furniture thus designed is aimed to adhere to the stringent environmental and workplace guidelines available in Australia. It is the fundamental principle of the company to stay committed to environmental protection.

The frames thus constructed in making Lounge Furniture in Melbourne belong to kiln-dried hardwoods obtained from sustainable timber plantations. The cushions in stock are a combination of small duck feather and silicone coated fibre. These fibres have been previously washed and followed by sterilization in recycled water.

Top Tree Furniture uses all-natural fabrics and current-day foam technology in designing and installing Lounge Furniture in Melbourne. There is no compromise with quality. The foams that are used have features like fire retardation, premium quality, free from CFC and treated with an anti-bacterial compound that has control over allergic and asthmatic conditions.

The basic thing that is understood while designing and installing Lounge Furniture in Melbourne is the requirement to produce the best fit furniture that caters to the purpose of all the clients visiting online and in-store of the company. Thus, the company always strives to look for designing furniture and manufacturing that fit any decor be it old and traditional or modern and current-day home. Besides, there needs to be a consideration for price-effectiveness too. The team associated with the company feel happy to assist in creating the perfect custom-designed Lounge Furniture in Melbourne. Most of the Lounge designs are tailored according to the brief of the customer. The company welcomes innovative designs too from any customer. The customer with any design in mind will be required to sit with a specialist of the expert team who will make proper recommendations and alterations to such designs to make it an appropriate fit.

What is the Lounge Chair?

Lounge Furniture in Melbourne famously comprises a lounge chair. It is a comfortable armchair or armless recliner which is usually upholstered and made for relaxing and comfort. Interestingly enough, few people consider the ‘chaise lounge’ a member of the lounge chair family.

Over time, the lounge chair metamorphosed from exposure to many cultures for specific and artistic requirements. Bruno Mathsson of Sweden introduced the Pernilla lounge chair, made from the beach, in the year 1934. Commissioned in the year 1956 by the Herman Miller furniture company, designers Ray Eames and Charles brought comfort to high-end furniture, a new thought at the time. The Eames Lounge & Ottoman incorporated moulded plywood and leather. Contemporary construction trends toward foam rubber and outdoor applications.

An armchair is a comfortable, usually upholstered, chair with arms. A wing chair is a tall-backed, tremendously upholstered armchair with wings. It guards the sitter’s back from drafts. Wing chairs are also known as grandfather or saddle cheek chairs. Native to the 17th Century, the wings were originally known as ‘cheeks’ and continued to be famous amongst furniture designers and revivalists throughout history.

A Club Chair is a deep-seated, low-backed upholstered armchair produced during the 18th Century. The popularity of wing chairs undoubtedly led to the future creation of low-backed club chairs. Their name hails from the English gentlemen’s clubs of the 19th Century. Since then, the upholstered armchairs have been associated with comfort.

In fitting a Console Table in Melbourne, Top Tree Furniture makes an effective consideration of the aesthetic value of a house. These products are available in minimalist geometric forms or embellished styles. Console tables are used to welcome guests with a pretty bouquet or statuette in the entrance hall or these products can provide an architectural focus in the living room below a decorative mirror. These products are available to match all decors. They are normally made with materials like plastic and marble. A console table in the modern style can also be used to divide a large space and define an area.

A console table can be turned into a bedroom vanity by hanging a mirror above it and tucking a stool or stylish chair underneath. There will be a source of light like a delicate table lamp to give a beauteous finish. The tabletop will contain make-up and jewellery boxes since most consoles are not equipped with drawers.

5 exclusive products related to bedroom furniture in Melbourne produced by Top Tree Furniture

Top Tree Furniture deals in a large collection of timber Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for an entire bedroom suite, a lavish bed, classy bedside tables, antique dressing table, tallboy, huge wardrobe, and more, in other words, a whole package of bedroom furniture in Melbourne, Top Tree Furniture should be your pick!

We have a wide range of timber designs available for you to choose from taking your sweet time. We can help you create the room you have always seen in your dreams with custom-made bedroom furniture of your choice. A bedroom is a place where you want to relax, and most importantly cherish being in there, so why not treat yourself to high-quality Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne?

Top Tree Furniture offers you 5 exclusive products related to Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne:

Custom Made Beds– Top Tree Furniture is a one-stop-shop for getting custom-made Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne. We design custom-made beds utilizing high-quality Australian timber so that your bed is long-lasting and durable. With a classy finish, we will make sure that your bed complements the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. We will make it a point that the bed is according to your preference and taste, and matches the rest of your decor. The price we charge for it is peanuts. Our quality-customized Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne has made us one of the most popular choices throughout the city.

Bedside Tables:-

• Arles Bedside Table: Made of Victorian Ash, skilfully handcrafted, they are available in a wide range of wooden shades. It has three drawers having spacious mouths.

• Chita Bedside Table: They have a rusty, raw look but are durable and strong. Available in a range of hues.

• Eden Bedside Table: The design of the table is inspired by the mystic behind the name. Fully made of polished wood. It has got a contemporary, simplistic look. It is an elegant, classy piece of wood that beautifies the bedroom.

• Ronda Bedside Table – Handcrafted in solid wood, the Rhonda Bedside Table imparts organic warmth to any room with its simplistic design that shows off the rich, luscious wood grain. The sliding drawer with the smooth design on the drawer front and the metallic knob makes it a perfect addition to a modern bedroom.

Dressing Tables: The most popular of this kind is a Chester dressing table. It has a unique design, with spacious drawers and a big mirror. If you are looking for an unparalleled product in the category of Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne, you are bound to buy a Chester dressing table from Top Tree Furniture.

Tallboys: A tallboy is a piece of Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne incorporating a chest of drawers and a wardrobe on top. Types of tallboys available at Top Tree Furniture:

• Arles Tallboy

• Bell Tallboy

• Chester Tallboy

• Chita Tallboy

• Eden Tallboy

• Norwich Tallboy

Wardrobes: We specialize in making bell wardrobes. We make them from pinewood. They have a very long life and easy to maintain.

Therefore, give us a call today or visit us should you have any more questions regarding our Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne.

Top Tree Furniture also has a comprehensive range of dining furniture in Melbourne, available for purchase at reasonable prices. Our vast collection of modern dining tables exemplifies current trends in modern Australian dining furniture design, offering elegance stemming from the finest materials. Each designer table provides a strong yet varied personality that qualifies it to be a perfect centrepiece to any home dining setting. Designer dining chairs and coffee tables are a significant design complement to the dining set.

One of the most active areas of your house is the dining room. That’s where all the yummy food is served and the guests are entertained with delicious feasts. Our stylish pieces are worthy of becoming the focal point of any dining space. We have tables to suit any kind of decor and preference. Geared towards practicality and long-lasting appeal, the ideal dining table will set the tone for beautiful breakout moments.

Each of our modern tables offers a matchless element that catches the eye and easily qualifies to become the central space where relatives, friends, family or colleagues gather for sumptuous food and memorable conversations.