Top Tree Furniture deals in a large collection of timber Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for an entire bedroom suite, a lavish bed, classy bedside tables, antique dressing table, tallboy, huge wardrobe, and more, in other words, a whole package of bedroom furniture in Melbourne, Top Tree Furniture should be your pick!

We have a wide range of timber designs available for you to choose from taking your sweet time. We can help you create the room you have always seen in your dreams with custom-made bedroom furniture of your choice. A bedroom is a place where you want to relax, and most importantly cherish being in there, so why not treat yourself to high-quality Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne?

Top Tree Furniture offers you 5 exclusive products related to Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne:

Custom Made Beds– Top Tree Furniture is a one-stop-shop for getting custom-made Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne. We design custom-made beds utilizing high-quality Australian timber so that your bed is long-lasting and durable. With a classy finish, we will make sure that your bed complements the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. We will make it a point that the bed is according to your preference and taste, and matches the rest of your decor. The price we charge for it is peanuts. Our quality-customized Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne has made us one of the most popular choices throughout the city.

Bedside Tables:-

• Arles Bedside Table: Made of Victorian Ash, skilfully handcrafted, they are available in a wide range of wooden shades. It has three drawers having spacious mouths.

• Chita Bedside Table: They have a rusty, raw look but are durable and strong. Available in a range of hues.

• Eden Bedside Table: The design of the table is inspired by the mystic behind the name. Fully made of polished wood. It has got a contemporary, simplistic look. It is an elegant, classy piece of wood that beautifies the bedroom.

• Ronda Bedside Table – Handcrafted in solid wood, the Rhonda Bedside Table imparts organic warmth to any room with its simplistic design that shows off the rich, luscious wood grain. The sliding drawer with the smooth design on the drawer front and the metallic knob makes it a perfect addition to a modern bedroom.

Dressing Tables: The most popular of this kind is a Chester dressing table. It has a unique design, with spacious drawers and a big mirror. If you are looking for an unparalleled product in the category of Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne, you are bound to buy a Chester dressing table from Top Tree Furniture.

Tallboys: A tallboy is a piece of Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne incorporating a chest of drawers and a wardrobe on top. Types of tallboys available at Top Tree Furniture:

• Arles Tallboy

• Bell Tallboy

• Chester Tallboy

• Chita Tallboy

• Eden Tallboy

• Norwich Tallboy

Wardrobes: We specialize in making bell wardrobes. We make them from pinewood. They have a very long life and easy to maintain.

Therefore, give us a call today or visit us should you have any more questions regarding our Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne.

Top Tree Furniture also has a comprehensive range of dining furniture in Melbourne, available for purchase at reasonable prices. Our vast collection of modern dining tables exemplifies current trends in modern Australian dining furniture design, offering elegance stemming from the finest materials. Each designer table provides a strong yet varied personality that qualifies it to be a perfect centrepiece to any home dining setting. Designer dining chairs and coffee tables are a significant design complement to the dining set.

One of the most active areas of your house is the dining room. That’s where all the yummy food is served and the guests are entertained with delicious feasts. Our stylish pieces are worthy of becoming the focal point of any dining space. We have tables to suit any kind of decor and preference. Geared towards practicality and long-lasting appeal, the ideal dining table will set the tone for beautiful breakout moments.

Each of our modern tables offers a matchless element that catches the eye and easily qualifies to become the central space where relatives, friends, family or colleagues gather for sumptuous food and memorable conversations.